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Chrismas Day Offer 2017

RTÉ Television is offering advertisers the opportunity yet again to be part of our Christmas themed breaks during peak-time on Christmas Day

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Horse Racing 2017

RTÉ Television’s Horse Racing Coverage has gone from strength to strength over the last number of years.

In 2017, RTÉ Television will have live and extensive Irish Horse Racing coverage which will ensure the delivery of a comprehensive racing package for clients.

26-Dec Tuesday Leopardstown             2,250 4
27-Dec Wednesday Leopardstown             2,250 4
28-Dec Thursday Leopardstown             2,250 4
29-Dec Friday Leopardstown             2,250 4

T’s & C’s
A maximum of 50% of breaks, per race day, can be booked at AB by any one client
The number of breaks per race meeting is subject to change at short notice
Relevant contracted discount will be applied to these spot costs and spend will contribute towards
GED as per trading policy – this offer only applies to clients with run of day deals
PIB will incur an additional cost of +25%
Costs are subject to programme availability and may be withdrawn at anytime
Spot Buys will be excluded from quality reconciliations

RTÉ Media Sales can help you enrich your brand association with the Ploughing Championships by offering a bespoke themed commercial break in our coverage of the Ploughing Live

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