AB Deadlines

AB Deadlines for 2017 are reflected in the table below. Note: Bookings are to be received by 5:30pm on stated day. Any bookings received after this time will not be entitled to Advanced Booking Discount.

2017 Advance Booking Deadlines

 2017 8 weeks Early AB 6 weeks
Early AB
January  14th Nov 28th Nov
February  7th Dec 4th Jan
March  4th Jan 18th Jan
April 17th Feb
May 20th Mar
June 20th Apr
July 19th May
August 23rd June
September 21st July
October 8th Aug 21st Aug
November 6th Sept 20th Sept
December 6th Oct 20th Oct

* 5% discount will apply at 8 week AB dates for the following Categories: Jan-Mar: Cars & Oct-Dec:  Supermarkets, Cars, Cable, Satellite & Telecommunications

* 6 weeks AB’s will not be available for Cars from Jan-Mar & for Supermarkets, Cars, Cable, Satellite & Telecommunications from October-December.