Fixed AB Prices

Post AB Pricing & Short-Term Prices

A short-term price will be introduced to the market only as required by trading conditions. Short-term pricing may be applicable to a category, an audience or all business. Campaigns approved after a short-term price has been published will receive the negotiated deal discount off the short-term price.

Post AB deadlines, for any campaigns approved to run for a duration of 4 days or less, or campaigns for the week of transmission, a price must be requested from the Implementation Team. Any campaigns outside of short-term pricing parameters and the above exceptions can continue to book against the Advance Booking Prices.

Fixed Prices Jan-Dec 2018

(Based on new universes effective from January 1st 2018)

Fixed Prices Jan-Dec 2017
(Based on re-issued Jan-June Universes and new universes effective from July 1st)

Fixed Prices Jan-Dec 2016 revised
(Based on new universes effective from July 1st)