Cancellation, Deferment and Amendment Policy

Cancellation Charges

January – December

  • Up to 1 week after Discount Deadline: 10%
  • Up to 2 weeks after Discount Deadline: 20%
  • Up to 3 weeks after Discount Deadline : 40%
  • Up to 4 weeks after Discount Deadline: 50%
  • 4 weeks+ after Discount Deadline: 100%


Deferments from month to month within deal period may be treated as cancellations and must be discussed with RTÉ sales prior to movement.  If a deferment is deemed a cancellation, the above policy will apply.


Any change in campaign details including short-term buying strategy changes, late/additional monies, commercial length, audience or date changes, must be put in writing. Such changes may incur cost penalties should RTÉ deem that market conditions dictate.

Budget increases will be treated as late approvals and late booking penalties will apply. Budget decreases will be treated as cancellations, should they occur after written confirmation of details.

Amendment Policy  for heavily traded categories/market

For heavily-traded categories, the following structure will apply should RTÉ deem market conditions dictate:

All late bookings/amendments will be subject to surcharges as outlined below:

  Loss of discount
Post AB & up to 4wks prior to tx date 2 points
3-2wks from transmission 5 points
Within 2 week of transmission Market price

1) If there are multiple campaign amendments, each change may incur the penalty should market conditions dictate i.e. if there is a short-term price published.

2) Surcharges are against any short-term price if published.