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The Power of Integration

Independent research commissioned by RTÉ, and conducted by Behaviour & Attitudes, has underlined the power of advertising across RTÉ’s television, radio and digital platforms.


Respondents were exposed to advertising across television,radio and RTÉ Player, with the effectiveness of the advertising measured in terms of the cross-platform multiplier effect and the quality of exposure.The research concluded that those exposed to an advert on all RTÉ platforms will absorb a more detailed and nuanced set of advertising messages than those who see or hear the advert on just one or two platforms. This becomes even more apparent when the detail and complexity of advertising messages was analysed.

Key findings:

  • Brand cut-through increases by 44% as a result of going from one platform to 3 platforms.
  • Brand purchase/usage intention increased by 13% when going from 1 to 3 platforms.
  • Quality of message cut-through increased by 68% when going from 1 to 3 platforms.
  • Advertising likeability increased by 13% when going from 1 to 3 platforms.

Willie O’Reilly Group Commercial Director, RTÉ “With RTÉ now offering advertisers the ability to trade across all media, this research clearly demonstrates the effectiveness of advertising on multiple RTÉ platforms. Combining this with the trusted environment RTÉ offers, is a very exciting opportunity for our clients”.


Watch a video from the Power of Integration Conference here:


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