Who we are

AdLab is RTÉ’s in –house commercial creative and production resource. AdLab draws together talent and facilities from within RTÉ, as well as outside production expertise, to create impactful and engaging creative work for brands. The philosophy is simple; how we can help get your brand on-air, in a high-impact way, as cost effectively as possible.

What we do

The focus on delivering flexible and efficient creative solutions, in line with brand strategy, has led to hugely successful collaborations with a broad range of agencies and clients delivering work for blue chip brands including Aviva, Cadbury, Coca-Cola, Flora, Guinness, Knorr, Muller, Persil and Ulster Bank.

The breadth of AdLab’s work includes TV Commercials, TV Sponsorships Idents, Live TV Ad innovation, Digital Content and Live Webcasts. AdLab conceives, develops and produces work from start to finish. It can also carry out any individual part of this process if that is what the client needs.

All stages of the RTÉ copy approval process are handled by AdLab, as well as all instructions to Traffic & Scheduling regarding delivery and transmission of final material. The process starts with a client brief, or even just a coffee and a chat, so feel welcome to get in touch!

Visit RTÉ AdLab’s portfolios on Vimeo